12 tips for surviving a narcissistic personality

Amelia Mia
4 min readSep 1, 2022
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We can’t always end a relationship with a narcissist. What to do in this case? What are the tips for living with this type of people?

Sometimes leaving a narcissistic person isn’t an option. A parent may recognize that their adult child is narcissistic but desperately want to maintain a basic relationship. A spouse may be unwilling to leave their narcissistic partner for several reasons such as money, commitment, or (dare I say) love. A child may realize that their parent is a narcissistic person but be unwilling or unable to cut them out of their life. And many other reasons…

So how can a person learn to live with selfishness , arrogance, superiority, every day without losing his mind? How do you tolerate the narcissist using bullying to control, bullying to persuade, silence to avoid intimacy, anger to hide insecurities, and gifts to show love?

It is possible and here are some suggestions:

1. Study the person. None of the following tips will work unless a person wants to get out of the relationship and study the narcissistic person . This is key to gaining more information, learning to emotionally detach, and resetting old habitual arguments. When a person is able to analyze and systematize narcissistic behavior impartially, it brings clarity of thought and restores emotional balance.

2. Recall his narcissism. Most narcissists take pride in their narcissism citing it as the positive aspect of their personality. Although the initial sharing of the diagnosis does not go so well, the side effect tends to be much better. Statements such as “be careful of your narcissism,” made in a non-sarcastic tone can be very effective as long as the relationship is reliable and valued by the narcissistic person.

3. Understand the cycle of abuse . The cycle of narcissistic abuse is unique and has 4 phases: feeling threatened, abusing others, becoming the victim and feeling strong. Learning the identifying characteristics of each stage allows a person to stop the cycle.

4. Discern abuse tactics. Luckily, narcissists are people of habit so when they’ve discovered an effective abuse tactic, it repeats itself. There are 7 ways a person can be abused: physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally, financially…



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