5 Lies We’re Told About Love That We Should Ignore

Amelia Mia
4 min readJul 7, 2022
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In this article, we talk about the 5 myths we’ve all learned about love, but should ignore.

Loving and being loved can be a unique and wonderful experience. It can give new meaning to our lives. But love also has its challenges, its difficult phases, and believing in the idea of romantic , unbeatable love can be frustrating and exhausting.

Feeling that the love we have isn’t strong and passionate enough like what we’ve learned in books and movies can make us want to have a perfect relationship that will never really exist. This happens because many of us idealize love and that idealization clashes with real life.

Romantic love, the model of relationship that should exist between a man, a woman or between people of the same sex, is based on premises without equivalents in the real world, if not impossible, and very difficult to achieve. Moreover, the famous “until death do us part”, jealousy, the need to live it alone (even far from our friends), the “the one who loves you will make you suffer”, the cancellation in as a person to become a couple or the suffering that leads to a break (oversized by the environment and society), are qualities that seem more destined for suffering than for enjoyment. However, we continue with these”, Ana Yáñez, psychologist.

Here are 5 lies we’ve all learned about love, but should ignore:

1. We all have a half

The myth that we all have a “soul mate or half” is not only unreal but also damaging to the relationship. Believing in the idea that somewhere in the world there is someone whom fate has chosen especially for us and that this person is our other half implies a perfect harmony with the partner, a perfect harmony that does not exist. We are imperfect and there is no perfect relationship.

Moreover, it is not about the other person completing us but about encouraging us to develop our potential. We are whole beings and our happiness depends exclusively on us.

They made us believe that each of us is half an orange, and that life only has meaning when we find the other half. They did not tell us that we were already born whole, that no one in our life deserves to bear the responsibility of completing what we lack”



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