An Affair Has your relationship been shaken? What now?!

Amelia Mia
6 min readJun 4, 2021
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1. The relationship is not like it used to be

When you ‘re fresh in love , everything seems wonderful. Not only in our relationship, but also in our life.

Just one little thing is enough and we are happy and in a good mood. Yes, infatuation has such a power.

But over time this first infatuation gives way.We long for this feeling and sometimes we look for it outside of the relationship.

When the relationship is no longer so new and fresh, when everything has already become known and commonplace, when we know how the other person behaves and how he or she reacts to everything we do, we sometimes just look for something new.

And that’s exactly how an affair occurs.

You are not ready to give up the relationship yet, but you want to feel in love and desired again as you did at the beginning. Unfortunately, every beginning has an end and even a new love is no longer so new and exciting over time.

2. Something is wrong in bed

A very common relationship crisis is sexual dissatisfaction. Of course, that shouldn’t be a reason to give up the relationship or even an excuse for flinging.

It’s pretty interesting to see that many people find it easier to find someone new and hide the fling than to talk to their partner.

But an open conversation with your partner should be something very natural in a relationship.

It is possible that these people are just too shy to verbalize their needs. Or they are afraid of being abandoned if they admit that they are dissatisfied at all.

They believe that it is better to find a new partner and just hope that it will work out better with them. As if the other person is perhaps the one who can read your mind right now.

3. A fling for equality

We all know this situation. After one partner cheats, so does the other.

One tries to take revenge through an affair. You think you will feel better.

Somehow this idea comes up that if we hurt the other too, our pain subsides. Maybe he’ll even go away.

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