Attention ! You are being followed!

Amelia Mia
3 min readMar 17, 2022
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Maybe you are facing a situation that you have noticed before. Perhaps you are not yet aware of the situation. You are being followed. But the person following you is quite familiar. Your past experiences, feelings, and reactions have joined hands and are trying to manage you. Are you ready to fight?

You have been on a journey in your life adventure since you were conceived. Since your existence, you have been noticing the events around you, trying to make sense of it, and reacting. Whether your parents meet your nutritional needs when you are hungry , whether they hug you when you are afraid, the reaction of your friends when you make a joke at school, in other words, all the events you experience have an impact on you as a baby. As the most basic law of nature, you develop a reaction.

If your friends laughed at your joke, you would joke more, if they made fun of you, you would give up this behavior. No matter how old you are now, you have learned some behavioral patterns and it is highly likely that you are living your life largely in light of them. These are the values that make you who you are. You gave the best response to the events you experienced while you were just discovering the world, with your current feelings and thoughts. It is entirely your responsibility to let the events of a certain date, a certain place, a certain time affect you today, this hour, this minute.

Now review your behavior. Why might you be acting this way? Could this have anything to do with your past behavior? My decisions at that time are valid today, I behave the way I want and if you say that you are satisfied with this situation, you may be on the right track, continue. But if you say there is a me in the past, it still follows me and you can’t get rid of it, take a step towards change. You live in your own life, in your own world, with yourself.

In these geographical coordinates, all your decisions, all your emotions, all your thoughts concern you. No one has the right to interfere with you unless you violate an area and a right. Strengthen your boundaries and let no one invade you with their negative feelings and thoughts. You are in command too. You live on whatever date the calendars and clock show, not anywhere else.

If you’re constantly going back in time, you’re a good user of the time machine. But now lock it somewhere and have your own moment. If you say that living in the moment is not that easy, I claim you are being unfair to yourself. If you haven’t tried it, seek help from an expert. Finding the right route is not difficult. You just have to be with yourself the most.

Amelia Mia

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