Five Reasons Your Online Course Will Sell

Amelia Mia
6 min readAug 8, 2021
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Developing your own online product and successfully placing it on the market opens up new freedoms for you, especially as a business mom. However, many women entrepreneurs who are on Facebook and other blogs also ask themselves the question: Will my product actually still be needed? Hasn’t there been everything out there that potential customers could ever need? Here you will find 5 reasons that prove that it is not too late for you to get started digitally.

0.01% of all German internet users makes 2800 customers a year

A few months ago I talked to a successful business coach about online courses. Just like me, he had so far concentrated on 1: 1 coaching and was just about to pack his knowledge into a digital course.

“I know,” he said quite honestly, “I should have done that long ago, but when I look around the net, I automatically think: With so many offers, does the world really need the next online business course?”

I know this sentence almost literally from the 1: 1 coachings of my mompreneurs. But in contrast to a supermarket shelf, which at some point no longer fits another jam jar, the space in the online world is inexhaustible. Other laws apply here, from which you and I can benefit wonderfully.

I am now sure — after some ups and downs — that I will finish my online course and sell it. If you read my blog regularly, then you know what I’m talking about

The very last knot broke only two weeks ago, but I’ll tell you about that another time …

Here are the reasons that convinced me that my online course will make a real contribution and that keep me going. I hope that they will dissolve your possible “the market is flooded” feeling as well.

Five reasons why your online course will sell despite competing offers

1 There are limitless resources at your disposal

This statement is valid on two different levels.

The first level is material. The Internet is becoming more and more important: In 2016, the proportion of Internet users in Germany alone was almost 60 million, 28 million of whom were female.



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