Holiday greetings: The best greetings from your vacation

Amelia Mia
5 min readAug 25, 2021
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Finally vacation, relaxation, great adventures, experiences and of course the good weather. Holiday greetings let family, friends and colleagues at home participate. You want to show how beautiful it is and how much you enjoy the time — and of course, loved ones can be a little jealous . But how should you send and formulate holiday greetings? We have put together many examples and tips …

Sending holiday greetings: Dear words from your holiday

No matter whether you are lying on the beach, enjoying the all-inclusive hotel or going on a city trip with numerous cultural offers: you want to tell about it and send holiday greetings. Every greeting from vacation is also an implicit one: “I think of you, you are particularly important to me!” After all, not every friend and person who stayed at home receives a vacation greeting from around the globe.

Anyone who receives holiday greetings will be happy in any case. Nevertheless, you want to do your best to find beautiful words and a suitable form. But how should you send holiday greetings? There are various options to choose from:

· Postcard
The absolute classic that you can’t go wrong with. A beautiful postcard with motifs from your holiday destination is a popular way to send holiday greetings back home. Even better if you have visited the depicted places yourself and can tell about them. The downside is that you have to find the postage stamp and post box and it can take longer for the card to arrive.

· Whatsapp
You can send holiday greetings quickly and in a modern way via Whatsapp. Here you can take a suitable photo yourself or take a selfie and add a suitable greeting. No costs and shipping is immediate — however, a postcard in hand can look more personal and can even be held as a souvenir.

· E-mail As an alternative to Whatsapp, holiday greetings can also be sent by e-mail
. This can be useful if, for example, you are sending a circular email to the entire team at work and want to send everyone the same message from their vacation. Postcards or Whatsapp are better suited for individual holiday greetings.



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