How to follow the wisdom of your heart in business — 4 tips for more mindfulness

Amelia Mia
5 min readAug 1, 2021
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Do you sometimes think you should take one of the advertised shortcuts in the online business jungle? You might be wondering if one of the many success formulas is right for you? My 4 tips will help you to reconnect with the wisdom of your heart and to recognize YOUR path. A guest contribution by Petra Prosoparis .

When I started to develop my big marketing coaching program, it was immediately clear to me that it should be called “Heart Business Online Camp”. This title felt so wonderfully coherent.

The first reactions were very critical: too cheesy, too little business, not salable.

Phew, I wavered. Should I choose a title that sounds “more salable”? Something like “In 5 steps from the business idea to successful self-employment”. Yes, my mind thought it was great, the critic was quiet.

Inside I felt torn and desperate.

Do you know that, too?

You have a brilliant idea, for example for your next offer. You feel your enthusiasm and a big “Yes!” In you.

And then comes a comment or a critical question. From your inner critic or someone around you. It is as if someone is pulling the floor from under your feet. You’re shaking. You doubt if it’s actually such a good idea.

Do you then discard your idea? Or do you stick with it?

Do you do what inspires you? Or are you doing what sounds totally reasonable?

For years I was in reasonable employment. It was impossible to justify a decision by simply feeling good. There had to be rational reasons that were understandable for everyone. Analytical deductions, well-founded planning, convincing concepts were in great demand.

But especially for us female entrepreneurs, our heart is the most important guide. Especially in the thicket of online business, with the many success formulas that are supposed to shorten the way for us!

Your heart is the home of your wisdom.

If you follow the wisdom of your heart, you will swim in the flow of your business. You follow your joy and are in your power. Especially when you are healing, advising or creative, it is…

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