How to start a relationship well?

Amelia Mia
5 min readApr 27, 2022
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How do you know if you are starting a relationship well? Discover the tips that will help you start relationships in a satisfying way.

Being in a relationship helps improve our mood and our self-esteem . It is perhaps for this reason and because humans are sociable beings that we tend to look for someone, an accomplice with whom to share life. But we don’t always do it in the best way or at the right time. Therefore, today I am going to talk about the best way to start a relationship:

1. Do I really want to have a relationship? : Sometimes we get carried away by the dynamics and we can’t stop thinking about whether we want to start a relationship. If you meet someone and see the relationship deepen in terms of intimacy and commitment, it’s important to ask yourself this question. If the answer is yes, great! Let yourself go, but if instead you don’t want to commit even if the person is wonderful, you’ll be looking for a way to subconsciously boycott the relationship, so be honest with yourself and the other person.

2. Am I ready to start a relationship? : It’s not all about whether you want, sometimes you might want to have a relationship but it’s not the right time. If you just got out of a relationship and you’re still thinking about your ex, now is not the time to start a new relationship. . The heart is often a house that only admits one guest and if it is occupied no one else can enter. You need to resolve the grief first before you start a relationship with another person.

3. What do I want my relationship to have? : Sometimes we meet someone and we get carried away by the magic of falling in love in such a way that we don’t lay the groundwork for the relationship. Although there are things you don’t like, you keep them quiet because you are totally in love and you hope they will go away on their own. But that’s not always the case, in fact, it’s almost never like that. So if you want the relationship to work, it’s important to work on laying those foundations and talking about what you don’t like or want changed.

And in addition to this, other factors must also be taken into account:

1. Communication is essential : there are all kinds of people, there are more or less communicative but it is essential to have a minimum. We cannot…

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