Inner team: typical roles and their function

Amelia Mia
6 min readAug 22, 2021
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When we think, we are talking to ourselves and our “inner team”. This is what Friedemann Schulz von Thun calls the multitude of inner voices and opinions that speak and argue with us in order to come to a decision. As with a real team, our inner voices do not always behave in unison and harmoniously. Some of them take on different positions. In the extreme, this leads to inner turmoil. But there are a few tips and tricks to make it a real “inner team”. We explain how the “The Inner Team” model works and how you can benefit from it …

What is the inner plurality?

Whoever follows an inspiration listens to his inner voice. Intuition is just that. However, it is seldom and so straightforward. In the majority, we deal with various aspects and weigh up. It is as if different people are taking different positions in our heads and are discussing with each other.

There are more courageous and brisk parts , then hesitant and scrutinizing, curious and interested. These voices behave like different people. Schulz von Thun also speaks of “inner plurality”. This has nothing to do with schizophrenia or mental personality disorders. Rather, it describes the inner being of a person with different parts of their personality.

Inner team in an inner struggle

The inner plurality is a metaphor . The different inner voices rarely agree. More often they deal with conflicts. A good thing actually. Many views protect against naivety , quick decisions , wrong decisions . But it doesn’t exactly make our choice any easier.

Some contemporaries appear inconsistent and inauthentic to the outside world . Not because he or she is dishonest. But because someone like that makes pithy sayings outwardly , but the posture expresses something completely different.

Who is part of the inner team?

“Beat two souls, ah! in my chest ”, Goethe already let his Faust complain. In fact, there are several. According to Schulz von Thun, there are mainly the following team members:


The head is the team leader . He takes the lead. He keeps the team together by appearing closed to the outside and organizing it…

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