Question everything? 5 proof that you are on the right track

Amelia Mia
4 min readAug 5, 2021
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Do you know this inner dissatisfaction amplifier that hides behind the little word “questioning”?

“I’m questioning my entire independence again because …

· a customer has complained. “

· my husband keeps putting pressure on me. “

· there are others who are much better. “

With my customers, I can always quickly identify and disarm the questioning virus. Until recently I had to nibble on my own without being recognized …


That happened.

I’m writing a new book about self-determined childbirth. However, “new” is an exaggeration. Because I’ve been on it for years, and that was exactly THE problem …

Again and again things progress a little and then other things come to the fore.

These other things have so far been the breeding ground for my questioning virus. His questions seemed so justified and intelligent to me:

· “You haven’t worked on your book in weeks. Is it possible that you are focusing on the wrong things? “

· “Could it be that you work too much on your business?”

· “Could it be that you are too undisciplined?”

For a long time in this sterile self-talk I thought: “Yes, that can be.” And felt bad

It was only when I examined the topic with friends and my own coach that a completely different truth gradually opened up to me.


This Irish proverb has been with me for 15 years since I met my friend Sophia. Sophia always quotes her Irish grandmother when we are dissatisfied with how things are and think: “It could go faster! “

“There is a place and a time for everything.”

There are two perspectives in realizing dreams and visions.

The perspective of the little self that has limited ideas, cannot really trust life and is always under pressure. And there is the perspective of the higher self, an intelligence within us that can see much further. You can also call it “Source”…

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