The 3 faces of love

Amelia Mia
3 min readMay 9, 2022
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Throughout our lives, we will know three types of love, and we will experience all of them. Where are you ?

Throughout our lives we will experience three types of love. This will be done according to the age, experience and spirit of each. You will fall in love many times, but each of these relationships will fit perfectly into a certain type of love. Moreover, it is not about experiencing these feelings with different people, but in some cases the same couple evolves through all the ways of loving .

The value of each of these phases of love is that they provide experience, emotional intelligence and intuition; important factors to enjoy true love.

1. Idealistic love

Also known as “Fairy Tale”. He is often unbridled, overloaded with dreams and promises. When it’s over, we experience the first disappointment of a broken heart .

It’s that love you wanted to give a chance despite all the twists and turns, the one that seems like a perfect movie script to you. It is the first love, the one that usually occurs in adolescence, and since you have no previous experience in these matters, you idealize everything too much.

This love doesn’t last long, probably because they weren’t both ready for everything a relationship entails. It is a love that is given when there is still much to grow and learn. Yet this love has been the driving force in learning to face your fears.

2. Love out of necessity

According to psychology, this type of love is characterized by doubt and the feeling of abandonment . It develops when we begin to face reality and (suddenly) experience the ups and downs of falling in love . At that moment, we feel the “need” to be loved , so we don’t stop looking for love and often fall into ideals that only end in more broken hearts.

This love has really tested you. You have questioned yourself a lot about your personality, your desires and your goals in life. You insisted on believing that this person was the only one in your life and ended up being the opposite of everything you dreamed of.

This love was really challenging and it taught you to gradually remove expectations from your partner. You thought you could change him/her…

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