The 8 Most Ignored Truths Of Success

Amelia Mia
4 min readDec 15, 2021
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Nobody wants to be lied to because it makes us feel like we are being betrayed and taken advantage of by others. If a lie comes to light, an apology is usually not enough to regain the lost trust. One might infer from this that most people value the truth very much, but it is routinely ignored, especially when it comes in the form of advice. Instead of accepting something from the truth, it is deliberately ignored, at the expense of one’s own potential. We have summarized the eight most ignored truths for you …


These 8 truths are regularly ignored

But why do we just block some truths? The answer: Because it’s easy. Sometimes the truth is actually inconvenient and does not include what we would like to hear at all. You may be confronted with criticism of your own behavior or see a good reason for change that you are afraid of. But then it is all the more important to face it.

Among the eight most ignored truths, you will surely find some points that you have so far given too little faith — or that you have preferred to ignore so far because it was easier.


Truth: You can’t please everyone

Hardly anyone likes arguments, discussions or disagreements, but they are part of life. Anyone who always wants to please everyone else is only busy bending over and hiding their own personality. Authenticity looks different. The consequences are usually dissatisfaction and persistently bad mood.

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Truth: Those who give up have already lost

As Bertolt Brecht said: “He who fights can lose. Those who don’t fight have already lost. ”A truth that unfortunately only a few really take to heart. Most prefer to take the path of least resistance and give up when difficulties arise. But without effort there is no success and those who avoid any challenge cannot grow as a personality and learn to deal with problems.

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Truth: Motivation comes…

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