Together? Ah, yes! How come we are together?

Amelia Mia
3 min readJan 24, 2022
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Ouch ouch ouch, this forced quarantine!

It is bringing so many people to meet again, families that never had time to live, be together, share time, pamper each other, make love …

Many families who experienced very strong emotions of guilt, anger and disappointment towards their children, always busy to occupy time, or the partner who often remarked on the little time spent together, now finally reconcile.

· “It looks like it’s with your job, not me.”

· “We wanted the children together / you wanted them, but you are never there, so comfortable!”.

· “Sooner or later I’ll end up being with everyone * who * tries, since they make me feel more wanted * than you.”

· “You have changed, you are no longer what you were before!”

· “I wonder why we got together, I don’t remember that anymore, you know?”.

· “We never talk about anything with the excuse that you come home tired, what couple are we?”

So what couple are you? Are you trying to understand this in these days of worry, fear, disappointment, boredom and loss?

In these days of time!

Because now you could do it, you can rediscover yourself, starting first of all from yourself , because you too have changed over the years, don’t believe!

It is not only the Other that has changed. Because life, experiences, projects, changes lead us to evolve, to change . Desires also change, objectives change, needs evolve, we mature. So what we want, who we are attracted to and what we need, also changes.

To give a recurring example, but there could be millions of them, let’s retrace a youthful story: it may be that when you were young, confident and with many projects, that jaunty air and the conviction that by showing your fragility they would have sunk you, you were looking for and attracting you. only people you never allowed to completely break through your wall, to get deep inside you; if that happened you would run away, because surely by giving your whole true self, you would have been wounded, fragile as you were, and they would have broken you. And then you just happened to be attracting people who likewise…

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