When someone raises their voice at me, I can’t answer

Amelia Mia
6 min readJul 6, 2022
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How unpleasant is it to feel abused with words but not able to react? Let’s think about how we can get out of this vicious circle.

How many times have you ever had to deal with an aggressive interlocutor ? Whether it’s a manager, co-worker, or family member, aggressive communication is a way of relating that hardly anyone likes.

However, in life it can happen to have to deal with interlocutors of this type, for example at work but also in the family .

What does a person do when they use an aggressive style?

There are behaviors attributable to verbal language but especially to non-verbal language that highlight this style.

Let’s see some of them referring to verbal language.

  • Use of generalizations : “you are always…”; “you never do…”.
  • Use of judgment : “you are incapable”; “you are unpleasant”; “You always think you know everything”.
  • Interpretations : “You say that because you are not able to do it; “You want to cry because you know you were wrong”.
  • Give a sermon : “I would have expected a more mature behavior from you”; “you should be more careful what you say because you are not able to handle situations”.



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