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I recently browsed my 5-year journal and smiled at a quote from my daughter:

“I half believe in everyone. In Santa Claus, in the Easter bunny, in the tooth fairy. The Easter bunny and the tooth fairy, that’s you, mom. But I ask myself: How does the present get under the pillow? “

This question makes me laugh and reflect. I think it’s so nice that my daughter, like all other children, lets herself be enchanted by the unknown.

Not having an answer is an invitation for children to explore, dream and stimulate their imaginations.

For adults, the state of…

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Have you ever wished you could just let go of certain worries? Maybe, for more confidence in your business? Or for valuable family time with a clear head? Learning to let go means not to believe in anything that limits us. Why should we take restrictive thoughts seriously? Theoretically logical. Practically? Not that easy….

So today I would like to introduce you to my friend Dolphinica, who lives in a piece of forest near Seattle with her caravan, three cats and, at over 70, a forest. We meet regularly at the same spiritual retreats. …

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Head-driven business and life planning may work for a while, but in the long run the constant analysis, weighing, classifying and evaluating is simply tiring. Real solutions and fresh ideas emerge when we allow ourselves not to have to know and control everything. Let go. Let God. For several years I have been integrating the “Three Principles” (3P’s) of “Mind, Consciousness and Thought” into my work. Here I am sharing 5 attitudes with you that will help you to live more easily.

Until recently, I had a problem taking our dogs, Tammy and Keks, with me to go shopping. As…

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Staying true to yourself is always a real challenge. Perhaps the greatest that our (work) life has to offer. When do I actually know that change is necessary and how do I proceed? You will find out in this article by Sandra Heim and the podcast interview by Tamara Krantz !

It happened on my best friend’s 30th birthday. She had rented a rustic party room in Frankfurt and I enjoyed partying again as exuberantly as in “old student days”.

That evening, however, my partner at the time was there too, and it caught us freezing when we were asked…

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Many writers keep constant and active generating positive thoughts for the holy grail of personality development.

If you manage to make the tempting-sounding promise to install a “positive thought machine” in your head, then financial success , endless wellbeing and the lifelong sausage-with-mustard flat rate at Renate’s snack bar will fly into your home just as easily as a commercial broadcast from Poco Domain.

You control your thoughts as easily and quickly as Aladin rubs on the magic lamp and almost magical things happen promptly .

But if it were so simple, why isn’t the whole world swimming in money…

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You want to trust your intuition more again. It is a wise decision, my friend.

Because intuitive decisions , as even science now shows, make you satisfied and happy.

In addition, we often make more effective, faster and more precise decisions.

We automatically reconnect with ourselves more — we feel ourselves more.

Unfortunately, many people have lost their ability to make intuitive decisions a little.

But no problem, you can learn intuition.

In this article you will learn 3 simple ways how you can bring more intuition back into your life.

How to practice your intuition in a mind-centered society

Everyone knows these driven people.

They try to control…

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In this article you will learn how to use your gut feeling effectively for yourself.

The gut feeling helps you amazingly well in making decisions with confidence.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with all of its possibilities in this modern world.

Our head smokes and we lose track.

Especially in such situations, our gut feeling can be invaluable .

How more gut feeling enriches your life

Perhaps you know that too: You make a decision and already feel a slight but clearly perceptible discomfort.

Afterwards you unfortunately have to understand: “Damn, I knew it right away …”

Our gut feeling seems…

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Nice that you are here and would like to refresh your relationship .

We always need changes, a breath of fresh air and new momentum in our relationships to keep them alive.

Otherwise they fall asleep very quickly.

You are here now because:

· The routine makes you doubt your relationship.

· You miss the adventure.

· You are bored in your relationship.

· You fight more often than usual.

Today I’ll show you what to do and what to look out for to freshen up your relationship.

After the 14 successful relationship tips, you will go out strengthened and…

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Everyone wants to have self-confidence.

Just imagine how good it feels: You go through life and you are completely relaxed.

You feel optimistic through and through.

How else could it be? After all, you trust yourself that you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

Feels good, that thought, doesn’t it? :)

A high level of self-confidence makes life easier.

I mean it is clear: you have a lot more strength available if you firmly believe that you will be successful. Only then will you persist in your goals.

Consequences of poor self-confidence

Without self-confidence, you lack energy. Why…

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If we prefer not to make a decision at all, this is called decision paralysis in technical jargon.

An interesting experiment has been carried out for several years.

Study participants were given a cup. Shortly afterwards, they were asked if they would like to exchange this mug for a piece of chocolate. Almost 90% of those questioned decided to keep the cup.

The highlight comes now. Shortly afterwards, the exact same experiment was carried out, only this time there was the chocolate first and then the mug. …

Amelia Mia

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