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We are all of a type. Whether we want to admit it or not, we somehow find ourselves drawn to the same type of man every time.

Be it an ambitious hardworker who doesn’t really have time to cultivate a loving relationship with you, or a well-built guy who looks like he was born with that gorgeous face and body of a Greek god to break hearts.

And that’s exactly what always happens. He breaks your heart.

Have you ever wondered why you are always disappointed in the entire male species after each breakup, why you cry yourself to sleep…

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Laughter sayings & wisdom about laughter

1. The world is always like you: a smile and it laughs at you, a little defiance, a little anger and instead of the rose the thorn blooms. (Simon Dach)

2. If you can’t smile, don’t open a business. (Chinese proverb)

3. The most lost of all days is the one when you haven’t laughed. (Nicolas Chamfort)

4. We must all learn to laugh at ourselves. (James Abram Garfield)

5. It is nice to be silent with each other, it is nicer to laugh together. (Friedrich Nietzsche)

6. Any fool can laugh at others…

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Motivational sayings that give you new strength

1. He who stops trying to get better stops being good. (Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach)

2. If you intend to renew yourself, do it every day. (Confucius)

3. You are only unhappy because you have time to consider whether you are unhappy or not. (George Bernard Shaw)

4. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right in either case. (Henry Ford)

5. The experience is like a lantern on our back. It always only illuminates the path that is already behind us. (Confucius)

6. There is no easy way from the…

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She loved you and you hurt her.

Instead of making life more beautiful for both of you by simply giving her your love, you’ve opted for the opposite.

Do you also know why? Because she lost out.

She didn’t do anything to deserve the things you did to her. But unfortunately she didn’t dodge your bullet.

You hit her right in the center of her heart. Not a millimeter higher or lower.

And her heart was shattered in a million pieces.

The list of things you’ve done to her is so long that you can’t help but wonder if you…

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Who Are Toxic People?

Toxic people are people who somehow make you feel bad after meeting them.

They leave a strange feeling in our belly, arouse self-doubt in us, make us think and rob us of our life energy and happiness.

But first, when we think about it, isn’t it a bit rude to say about someone that they are toxic? Unfortunately, some people are.

Of course, a person who is toxic to me doesn’t have to be to you and vice versa, we’re all different characters and different people suit us.

However, there are people who soak up the…

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Why do you develop negative thinking?

In general, negative thinking doesn’t always have to be bad. Sometimes the fear of failure and nervousness before an important event is a kind of motivation to try harder to do it as well as possible.

This “good” function of negative thoughts is largely protective and is used to “survive” in certain dangerous and embarrassing situations.

From an evolutionary point of view, humans have survived numerous life-threatening dangers and obstacles thanks to negative emotions that triggered a “fight or flight” response in threatening situations.

However, there is a difference between whether we experience negative…

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1. The relationship is not like it used to be

When you ‘re fresh in love , everything seems wonderful. Not only in our relationship, but also in our life.

Just one little thing is enough and we are happy and in a good mood. Yes, infatuation has such a power.

But over time this first infatuation gives way.We long for this feeling and sometimes we look for it outside of the relationship.

When the relationship is no longer so new and fresh, when everything has already become known and commonplace, when we know how the other person behaves and…

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Definition of the family constellation

The family constellation is a method from systemic therapy, which is also called family therapy.

In this type of therapy, individuals are placed in a room on behalf of specific family members, who are brought into specific relation to one another through the various constellations.

This family constellation is intended to bring out the emotional entanglements within the family. For the first time the family problems are shown to the constellation and this leads to the healing process.

The historical development of the family constellation

The roots of constellation work and systemic therapy lie in…

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Why does the contact block occur?

As mentioned at the beginning, the separation is the most common reason that contact is blocked. When you end a relationship, very few people want to maintain contact with the ex-partner.

Almost everyone decides to break off contact , because the longer you have contact with the ex-partner, the harder it is to forget the person.

Out of anger and sadness, you make some decisions too quickly, which you then regret in retrospect. …

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Self-discovery phase: tips that provide more clarity in your life

This phase arises in situations in which we are faced with something new and unknown, or when something happens that we did not expect.

For example, after a breakup, when you go through the pain of separation . You feel abandoned. Alone. Our whole world is upside down because the one person who is very important to us has been lost.

Then you have to start over, so to speak.

You have to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are put back together and often you don’t…

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